• Jen Abrams, also see here“Jen Abrams taught me how to do public speaking, budgeting, accounting, hiring, and hone my professionalism in the nonprofit and performing arts world”
  • “my primary collaborator from 2015–today”,
    “There is something amazing about Susan’s ability to approach people of any age and status—student, administrator, etc.—with a sense of openness”
  • Herman Jean-Noel and see here
    “A short documentary video about The Study Center for Group Work was commissioned by the Glasgow School of Art and filmed and edited by Herman Jean-Noel, founder of NEGLAKAY PRODUCTIONS, a grassroots video production house”,
    “a filmmaker who I met at, and who made a film about my work at Cornell”
  • “Director of the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives on conflict transformation tactics and strategies”,
    “a founding member of Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA)”
  • Helen Lee
    “uses glass to think about language”,
    “Helen is an incredible artist, both conceptually and technically, a generous host, and a clear project manager, so I knew she would be amazing to work with”
  • “an artist, educator, and writer, whose hybrid practice pushes the boundaries between distinct areas of professional practice”
  • Louise Ma
    “Louise Ma is an illustrator, artist, and designer, creating the illustrations and layout for and”
  • “an artist, theorist, and a member of The Study Center for Group Work”
  • MC Reitz
    “a local artist who was excited to facilitate daily engagement with the groups throughout the process (...), MC’s background in community organizing and ongoing work at a local level gave her the ability to engage with people in ways that would be impossible without her support”
  • “concerns himself with systems of display and all things on the edge of breaking . . . an experienced flame worker and mold maker for glass casting”
  • “the incredible systems-thinker and curator”
  • “she works by day as a Research Associate with the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity in New York City. By night, Vicky is a dancer and choreographer”
  • Lika Volkova, also see here
    “Making mobile sculptures for pick-pockets, delinquents, and communitarians, Volkova works in the legacy of critical design and collective production”
  • "generous and rigorous artist and computer engineer”
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