Woolard has selected ephemera that serves as visual reference points for The Meeting.
fig. 1-13 Caroline Woolard, Untitled (Objects for Facilitation), 2018. Video still by Herman Jean-Noel.
fig. 1-14 Technical drawing with key for scale, made to produce the framed net for The Meeting.
fig. 1-15 Collage of mushroom mycelium and nets found while doing research to determine the form that objects might take in The Meeting, and thinking about knots, capture, mending, and trapping. Images from P. Stamets, Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World (Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2005), and J. A. Krug, Fishery Leaflet 241: Methods of Mending—New England (Washington D.C.: United States Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service), 6, 10.