In the pages that follow, you will find correspondence, budgets, grants, technical drawings, and renderings required to create and run the exhibition, online platform, and network of artists in The Study Center for Group Work.

A short documentary video about The Study Center for Group Work was commissioned by the Glasgow School of Art and filmed and edited by Herman Jean-Noel, founder of NEGLAKAY PRODUCTIONS, a grassroots video production house. Artists from the Center who are included in the video are: Chloë Bass, Melanie Crean, Jean Gardener, Judith Leemann, Shaun Leonardo, Adelheid Mers, Leonard Nalencz, Project 404, Paul Ryan, Sable Elyse Smith, Sal Randolph of ESTAR(SER), and Anna Riley.

Woolard has selected ephemera that serves as visual reference points for The Study Center for Group Work.

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