In the pages that follow, you will find correspondence, budgets, readings, renderings, and technical drawings made in the process of developing Capitoline Wolves and Queer Rocker at the invitation of curator Stephanie Owens. The CNC rocker was made by Caroline Woolard with support from Costantino Bongiorno, Ozden Kose, Francesco Perego, and Zoe Romano at WeMake, a maker space in Milan, and from Isabella Crowley and Melody Stein, students at Cornell University. In Capitoline Wolves, the mirrors and copper bowls were made by Caroline Woolard, and her design was fabricated by local craftspeople, with expert woodwork by Mahlon Huston and the American Wooden Column Company, metalwork by Ian McMahon and journeyman ironworker Julia Helen Murray, and ceramic udders by Alex Zablocki.

Woolard has selected ephemera that serves as visual reference points for Capitoline Wolves and Queer Rocker. All materials here are reproduced with the consent of the people involved.

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